Vermont Public Radio

Support for quality journalism that encourages participation from its audience and accommodates a broad range of bias and context is an important priority for the Lintilhac Foundation. Programs such as Vermont Public Radio’s Switchboard, the long-running news and call-in show that stopped airing in 2007, and Democracy Now (hosted in Vermont on WDEV) are examples.

Since 2007, the Foundation has supported Vermont Edition on VPR. Hosted by Jane Lindolhm with veteran reporter Bob Kinzel, Vermont Edition airs daily on weekdays and focuses on important issues, newsmakers, and events throughout the region. Listener comments and questions via e-mail and calls are incorporated into the live program.

Vermont Edition’s record of excellence has been widely recognized – perhaps never more so than in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene when the program received seven regional Edward R. Murrow awards and was honored in a resolution by the Vermont Legislature for its reporting and timely updates about emergency response, power outages, and weather. Vermont Edition was also honored in 2012 with two Gracie Awards, presented by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation for excellence in programming created for women, by women and about women.

A dynamic and inclusive media landscape is essential to an informed, engaged community and the Lintilhac Foundation is proud to support initiatives such as Vermont Edition that work towards that goal.

Jane Lindholm