Application Guidelines

Mission of the Lintilhac Foundation

The Lintilhac Foundation’s central purpose is to support organizations that are making sustainable, positive change for Vermont’s environment and its people and providing Vermonters the information and resources they need to control their environmental destinies and strong traditions of democratic engagement.

Guidelines, Procedures, and Contact Information

What does the Lintilhac Foundation fund?

Core Giving Areas:

  • Water Quality, with a special focus on advocacy and university level
    science research.
  • Energy, including nuclear-free awareness with special focus on renewable energy policies.
  • Conservation, especially backcountry recreational access to lands and integrative land use planning.

Within our Core Giving, we consider requests for:

  • Organizations serving the state of Vermont
  • Project support, general operating,
  • Grants between $5,000 and $30,000
  • One-year funding

Our Legacy Giving is focused into two fields:

Women’s Reproductive Health
    • Midwifery and lactation support
    • Supporting women’s mental and emotional health (both before and after childbirth)
Media & Civic Engagement
    • Current events
    • Reflection & analysis of ongoing problems
    • Education about the public policy process

Legacy Giving grantees are selected by trustees.  We do not accept unsolicited proposals, or unsolicited phone calls, email, or other forms of contact in regards to our Legacy Giving, and are unable to respond to such inquiries.  Thank you for respecting this boundary.

In general, we do not accept proposals for:

  • Individuals
  • Churches
  • Unsolicited capital projects that fall outside of our Core Giving Areas (such as building construction, renovation, equipment acquisition, or endowment fund) at this time.
  • More than one proposal from an organization in any given year.

Site Visits:

Lintilhac Foundation trustees conduct site visits with many applicants, and we treasure the opportunity to see conditions on the ground and learn directly from the non-profits staff in the sector.  If you apply to the Foundation, please understand that we may contact you to schedule a visit to the field.

How do you apply to the Lintilhac Foundation?

  • We welcome your proposal to our Core Giving Areas: Water Quality, Energy, and Conservation.
  • Please provide an email address with your proposal.
  • We accept proposals online exclusively.  Please do not send proposals or other materials by mail.
    If you are applying to the Lintilhac Foundation for a new project, or have never applied to the foundation before, please click here to access an online application.
  • If you would like to access an application that you have in progress, please click here to connect to your application.
  • Proposals to the Lintilhac Foundation should be considered public; trustees may consult other experts about proposed projects.

Grant Requirements

All of our grant awards are subject to the following conditions:

  1. You may only use the grant funds in support of the project described in your grant obligation and may not use the funds for any other purposes.
  2. Each calendar year, you must submit a written report to us describing how the funds were actually deployed in connection with the project.  Once you have spent all the grant funds you received from us in support of your project, you must submit a final report to us describing how your funds were actually used.
  3. We trust that you will handle your grant award appropriately; however, if we determine from your written reports or from any other source that your grant funds were spent for purposes unrelated to your project, we have the right to ask for the return of any funds that were spent inappropriately.


Application Deadline

Notifications of Decisions

March 1 April
June 1 July
September 1 October
December 1 January

Foundation Officers, Directors, and Staff

President: Louise S. Lintilhac
Vice President: William S. Lintilhac
Secretary: Philip M. Lintilhac
Treasurer: Paul S. Lintilhac

Executive Director: Crea S. Lintilhac
Office Manager: Nancy Brink


The Lintilhac Foundation
886 North Gate Rd.
Shelburne, VT 05482
Ph: (802) 985-4106
Fax: (802) 985-3725


The first comprehensive bathymetric map of the bottom of Lake Champlain. Researched and produced by Middlebury College scientists, funded in part by the Lintilhac Foundation.

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2015 Grantee: VT Mountain Bike Association

2015 Grantee: VT Mountain Bike Association